Billy Zabka Saves The Universe

This was my final film project for my Literature To Film class, in my senior year of high school. We were assigned to read a short story (in this case, The Moonlit Road by Ambrose Pierce) and adapt it into a short film. My partner-in-crime Bobby Whitehouse and I decided to make it a very loose adaptation, incorporating science fiction and comedic elements as well as changing the names of the characters, and adding in a (rather beautiful) musical number.

Bobby’s performance is a testament to his talent at improvisational comedy, and the amount of injuries her sustained while filming the action scenes showed just how much of a trooper the man is.

Out of all the short films I made during high school, this one was my favorite.

When their beloved teacher is brutally murdered, teenage detective Billy Zabka and his sardonic friend Ralph Macchio attempt to bring his killer to justice amid a web of corruption, seances, and Papa John’s.


2 thoughts on “Billy Zabka Saves The Universe

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